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This site is devoted single-player modification for computer game Half-Life 2. At present the project is in development. Prospective date of an release - first half of 2008. Here you can familiarize with the information accessible now on a modification. The site will be updated in process of promotion of development. Some screenshots and the brief story-line are meanwhile accessible.


I publish four new screenshots. The old location has undergone to considerable changes, and new versions of two early screenshots now are accessible.

The site is opening. Now I publish the first two screenshots from the game level.


Penetration and Liquidation is a direct continuation of the story-line begun in the first part, carried name the Penetration which you can download from this link. But as the story-line was weakness of first Penetration, in the new project I shall try to not admit this essential mistake. In new modification there will be new characters, and gameplay becomes much more various. The basic weapon, possibly, becomes a gravity gun.

Now it is brief about a story: After events which comes to an end Half-Life 2, G-Man (On my version it is the agent of the confidential governmental organization created for struggle against external threat) immerses Gordon Freeman in stasis. After a while it again wakens his for new very much responsible job. The target of this mission is penetration in Combine world and liquidate their leader which is the general brain center of this race. Under its control and a management are all field of activity the Combine, so after loss of the leader the further existence and evolution alien civilizations becomes impossible. For realization of this purpose it is necessary to get into a City 18, penetrate in citadel and use teleport in the Combine World. First Penetration terminates in moment of this teleportation, so Penetration and Liquidation will begin already after the arrival in other world...


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